Author page: David Kopecký

Author page: David Kopecký

Dvorak vs. Paiva

David Dvořák’s third fight has been confirmed.

It has been confirmed. The fighter of mixed martial arts David Dvořák has an official third UFC fight confirmed. The opponent of the twenty-eight-year-old fighter from Hradec Králové, who won his last two UFC fights, will be Raulian Paiva. The fight will take place on…
David Dvořák v gymu.

Money and the life of a UFC fighter

There have been a number of claims about fighters earning huge amounts of money. David Dvořák told as about his finances. Some people think that we as fighters are millionaires and that we are earning plenty of money. To be fair we earn some money,…

The Undertaker to advise Tipsport betors!

Attention, betors and martial arts fans! Fighter David Dvořák, a two time UFC winner, will now be sharing his advice and tips with you. David has become an expert on cage fights for the Tipsport betting agency. 'I have been in the MMA for years…