Hradec Králové, 29.8.2021 – The fighter David Dvořák signed a new contract, in the most prestigious mixed martial arts organisation, UFC. He now has a better deal and the certainty of future fights.

The twenty-nine-year-old fighter from Hradec Králové won all of his fights so far and his performances in the flyweight didn’t stay unnoticed. Dvořák received an improved contract from the UFC as the current one would expire after his fourth fight.

‘We wanted a new contract and we manage to achieve that. It’s great to secure the contract, which will give me the confidence for the next few years.’ praised Dvořák, who didn’t want to disclose any details about the new contract.

‘UFC met all of our terms, the deal is very beneficial for us.’ said the fighter, who fought his last fight in May, where he defeated Juncamilo Ronderos from Colombia after two minutes and eighteen seconds. For the first time in UFC, he managed to win before the time limit. Last year in September, he won over the American Jordan Espinosa and in March, in his first UFC outing in Brasil, he defeated Bruno Silva.

‘The negotiations with the organisation went completely fine. It’s clear to see that when you have good performances, they count on you for the future and have no problems meeting your demands.’ said Dvořák, whose coaching team consists of Jakub Kašpar, Jan Maršálek and Patrik Kincl, who is also an active MMA fighter.

The fighter from Hradec Králové has big ambitions, as he aims to climb to the very top and secure the title. ‘We have a new contract and now we’re going to win a few fights and go for the title.’ said David Dvořák, who aims to have another fight in December.

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