There have been a number of claims about fighters earning huge amounts of money. David Dvořák told as about his finances. Some people think that we as fighters are millionaires and that we are earning plenty of money. To be fair we earn some money, that is true, but the reality is somewhere else.

If I win a UFC fight, I am paid for attending the match and then an additional fee for winning. A lot of this money goes towards paying the taxes, which in America is 30% of the winnings. Another 15% tax is paid in the Czech Republic. That’s 45% of all earnings gone. Furthermore, 10% goes to my coaches, another 10% to my manager. UFC only pays for one of my coaches, so I have to pay for my other coaches out of my pocket. Additionaly, I have to pay for preparation before the match, abroad training camps and other coaches. For example, a training camp in America costs around 100 000 Czech crowns (≈4500 USD). And of course, there are the everyday expenses, like a car, mortgage etc.

So, what about my sponsors? JIP – Projekt servis has been with me for quite a while now. I am glad, that at the end of last year we managed to secure a deal with Nutrend, which operates in the field of sporting nutrition and with a betting company Tipsport. I have been also supported by a company called FERI. And I have to admit that I have been also supported by my city Hradec Králové. Not only from the city’s funds but mayor Alexandr Hrabálek also managed to put through a deal with a company called Gist.

To all who are supporting me, thank you very much. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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