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David Dvorák

Call me undertaker

„Everything in life happens for a reason. Everything that comes to you is just a lesson to prepare you for another. Chess has taught me to clear my head from everything I don`t need right then and focus only on victory. Punch by punch. Hard work at construction sites brought along sweat, patience and humility. And my last 13 fights? Those gave me my name. Undertaker. So? Don`t you wish to meet me in the cage…“





2022-12-17 Manel Kape 186-0 UFC Fight Night 216 LD
2022-03-26 Matheus Nicolau 173-1 UFC Fight Night Columbus LD
2021-05-22 Juancamilo Ronderos 4-0-0 UFC Fight Night 188 WD
2020-09-19 Jordan Espinosa 15-7-0 UFC Fight Night 178 WD
2020-03-14 Bruno Silva 10-4-2 UFC Fight night 170 WD
2019-07-27 Arsen Taigibov 16-2-0 Oktagon MMA – Oktagon 13 WS
2019-04-06 Igor Goncharov 4-4-0 NOW – Night of Warriors 15 WTKO
2018-12-27 Zaka Fatullazade 12-6-0 XFN 15 – X Fight Nights 15 WTKO
2018-11-10 Salambek Damaev 9-4-0 XFN 13 – X Fight Nights 13 WS
2018-03-03 Marco Manovali 4-0-0 XFN 8 – Vemola vs. Sloane WTKO

My fight

David tried his first fight in an MMA cage at the age of 17. It was in 2010 and David had only trained for half a year then. By 2012 he managed to compete in 7 fights of which he won 4.  These two years could be called a start which David vigorously ended in 2012. Since then he has only been scoring one win after another. His longest winning streak was 16 fights, with most of them straight in the first round.

Since 2020, he has been fighting in the best competition in the world, the UFC.

fights won
of 23 total fights
from 2012 to 2022
in the first round
in UFC

My way

2010 – first match in a cage

2012 – end of fun, the real fight begins

2017 – XFN

2019 – Oktagon MMA

2020 – UFC



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