The beginnings

David was a typical hyperactive child. Still on the move and always in trouble. His main combat trainer was above all his brother Tomas who is a bit older and who gave him brutal lessons in this regard. However, friends from the village did not escape some nice fights with David either. Regards to Dominik, Ruda, Michal, Margot and others… they already know…

David was simply an uncontrolled missile and his parents went through some rough times trying to tame him a little. It was only the deployment of weapons of mass destruction that helped – chess. Only with chess did David learn to calm his mind, focus on the essential and put all his energy right to where it was needed. At school he had a hard time, just like any other restless child that doesn`t care about collecting good grades. He kept hearing that he would not become anything special but as a stubborn fighter he simply let go off his mind. Because his path is just his own and no one else will ever walk it.

It was this wilfulness that he used when he discovered a gym in the same building where he went to play chess league. There were young boys revealing not only the secrets but also the rules of MMA and he could not take his eyes off them. Before long, he was one of them. His parents did not cope easily with that but there was nothing they could do against David`s stubbornness. They understood that it was David`s struggle and conceded that he was really good at it. Since then he could hardly ask for more loyal fans than his mom and dad…

David has always been competitive. He wanted to win everything and immediately. Only life taught him to accept defeats as other useful lessons. Now he knows there is no such thing as losing once there was maximum done to win. As zealous as David is he can get excited about many right things. His passions are sustainability, the environment and animals. Anyone who knows him knows that.

David never got anything for free. After graduating in sports management at the University of Hradec Králové he went straight to work. Since he`s not one of the office people he started handiwork. He took everything that came to him just to be able to pursue his greatest passion – MMA. He worked at construction sites, he even worked as a cloakroom attendant at a disco, but mostly he kept himself busy with his father’s work, undertaking. And that`s where one learns humility and respect. Maybe that’s why David is not known for any scandals, controversial media announcements or unnecessary boasting. David is a modest guy who prefers to work hard than talk. He`s simply the guy that even his own rivals like.

Professional career

David tried his first fight in an MMA cage at the age of 17. It was in 2010 and David had only trained for half a year then. By 2012 he managed to compete in 7 fights of which he won 4.  These two years could be called a start which David vigorously ended in 2012. Since then he has only been scoring one win after another. All in all, his balance sheet is now 14 wins in a row, with most of them straight in the first round.

David was part of both of the largest Czech MMA organizations. He fought in XFN four times and scored a win each time. After the collapse of XFN he headed to fight under the wings of Oktagon and won at the Oktagon 13 gala evening in Štvanice.

David’s score card got noticed even by the UFC that first addressed him in 2019 before the February UFC Fight Night Gala in Prague. He was offered to introduce himself in the first match, but it would mean for him to move from his category to a higher one. Despite such prestigious offer that few would resist, David always knew who he was and who he wanted to be. He knew he belonged to the flyweight category and that moving to a higher weight scale would put him at a disadvantage. Even at the cost of never getting a similar offer, he refused.

UFC, however, already had him in their sights from which there was no escape. Fortunately. Another offer between David and UFC already turned out perfect and David finally did show up on March 14, 2020 at UFC in Brazil…

Davids next UFC fight was on 19.9.2020 in Las Vegas, where after a very confident performance David defeated his American opponent Jordan Espinosa.

date opponent event result
2020-09-19 Jordan Espinosa 157-0 UFC Fight Night 178 WD
2020-03-14 Bruno Silva 1042 UFC Fight night 170 WD
2019-07-27 Arsen Taigibov 1620 Oktagon MMA - Oktagon 13 WS
2019-04-06 Igor Goncharov 4 4 0 NOW - Night of Warriors 15 WTKO
2018-12-27 Zaka Fatullazade 12 6 0 XFN 15 - X Fight Nights 15 WTKO
2018-11-10 Salambek Damaev 9 4 0 XFN 13 - X Fight Nights 13 WS
2018-03-03 Marco Manovali 4 0 0 XFN 8 - Vemola vs. Sloane WTKO
2017-10-21 Miroslav Kuban 13 10 2 XFN 5 - X Fight Nights 5 WTKO
2016-12-10 Shely Santana 8 4 0 CUBU - Night of Masters 11 WS
2016-06-04 Miroslav Kuban 12 9 2 EFN - Fight Nights Global 49 WTKO
2015-05-22 Tomas Zak 1 1 0 GCF 31 - Cage Fight 6 WTKO
2015-02-25 Martin Fexa 1 0 0 GCF - Gladiator Championship Fighting 30 WS
2014-12-12 Kami Wojcik 0 0 0 GCF - Gladiator Championship Fighting 29 WS
2014-10-11 Petr Neumann GCF Challenge - Eastern Best 3 WTKO
2012-10-07 Ondrej Skalnik 3 2 0 GCF 16 - Easter Best Against the Rest 2 WS
2012-05-11 Filip Macek 6 4 0 GCF 12 - Cage Fight Brno LTKO
2012-02-18 Artur Jevsejcik 6 3 0 GCF 9 - Big Cage Ostrava WD
2011-12-16 Michal Malata FFN - Fighters Fight Night WS
2011-06-23 Leszek Kulik HG - Heroes Gate 4 LD
2011-04-23 Tomas Masojidek 0 0 0 GCF 3 - Challenger WTKO
2010-12-04 Petr Neuman GCF 1 - Judgement Day WD
2010-06-06 Filip Macek 1 0 0 NBR - Nord Bohemia Ring LD