Who’ll be the next to cross David’s path in the UFC? A new rival might be already in sight. Tim Elliot challenged David via Twitter. The experienced fighter sent a clear message: ‘I want to get a piece of you, whenever you are free,’ wrote the thirteenth man of the flyweight standings. However, there won’t be another UFC fight of the most prestigious MMA category until February.

The rivalry started after David’s September fight, when the Czech fighter , who goes by the nickname of Undertaker, burried the winning hopes of Jordan Espinosa in Las Vegas. David came out on top and he left a clear message under his winning picture featuring the victorious gesture: Who’s next?

And the thirty-two-year-old Elliot, who has already had a title fight in the UFC, responded. Dvořák reacted calmly to his first challenge: ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

After a few days, Elliot provoked again, attracted by a fight with the Czech five years his junior. ‘If you’re afraid and don’t want to fight, just say it’ provoked Elliot. ‘Stop crying on social networks,’ David replied.

Dvořák, who is close to the UFC TOP 10 after his two victories, wouldn’t mind having his next UFC fight with Elliot. ‘For me, he is one of the most interesting opponents. He is a household name. He has been in the UFC for a longer time than my own career as a professional fighter has lasted,’ said Dvořák about the icon of the lowest weight category.

The American first appeared in the UFC in 2012 but had to leave after two wins out of six. Then he went on to win the Titan FC champion title, came back to the UFC and has been in the elite company ever since.

‘He is a showman. His fights are attractive,’ said Dvořák about the veteran, who knows how to entertain the crowd. ‘He is always going for his rival, it is always a good fight,’ said Dvořák and added: ‘He’s one of the few fighters with an attractive style of fighting.’

If there is to be a fight, it will be in February at the earliest. ‘I don’t want to fight sooner than that. It’s either February or March. Not only is my leg still healing, but I also want to go on a few training camps abroad. Training is also limited now because of Covid,’ Dvořák explained.

While exchanging quips on social networks, Elliot found himself another adversary. He should face Undertaker’s last opponent, Jordan Espinosa, in January.

‘If Elliot wins and therefore stays close to the TOP 10, then our fight is possible.’ said Dvořák.