Las Vegas – Czech fighter David Dvořák won his second fight in UFC, the most prestigious MMA organisation in the world. He defeated his opponent Jordan Espinosa on UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas. The twenty-eight-year-old fighter followed up on his first victory, which came earlier this year in March in Brazil, where he came on top in the fight between him and Bruno Silva. His another victory means that he will close up to the TOP 10 in the UFC flyweight rankings. The fighter from Hradec Králové, nicknamed Undertaker, won his 15th MMA fight in a row.

Dvořák, who entered the arena wrapped in a Czech flag and with a determined expression on his face, had the fight under control, he did not let the opponent distract him and reacted very well to his opponents lunges. His tactic, which consisted of a combination of boxing punches and kicks, which he aimed to the lower leg area. After one of those kicks in the opening seconds of the match, the American fell to the ground. The fight got more even as the minutes went by and Espinosa also landed a few accurate strikes.

In the last round, Dvořák got the edge over Espinosa. Even though David ended the fight with a lacerated wound under his left eye, he managed to land a number of punches and dominated the third round. His kicks to his opponents left leg proved to be very effective. There is no doubt about the winner. The Czech fighter won thanks to more significant punches and convinced all three judges.
„It was a dominant performance. Dvořák showed, that he worthy of UFC and is capable of winning.“ said André Reinders, former MMA fighter.