DAVID Undertaker Dvorak joins the UFC

Feb 18, 2020 – David Undertaker Dvorak, a flyweight MMA fighter, is fulfilling his dream and celebrates a fantastic career success. He has become historically one of a handful of Czechs who managed to join the world’s most prestigious league UFC. The contract has been signed by both parties in early February and David will make his debut already on March 14 in front of the unrestrained audience in Brazil under the UFC Fight Night 170. His opponent will be Bruno Silva.

A native of Hradec Kralove, he belongs to the Czech and Slovak top in his flyweight category (fighter category up to 57 kg), despite the fact that he started with MMA rather late at the age of seventeen. He had not waited long for success to come though. Since 2012 he has not lost a single match, currently having 13 victories in a row, and in June 2019 he became an asset to the organisation OKTAGON MMA. He ranks 44th in the overall world chart and can be expected to rise steadily. Signing of the contract with UFC in February 2020 represents a huge career step forward for him as an outcome of many years of hard work. “Entering the UFC is an important milestone for me. It is a dream come true and success that opens up new sporting opportunities for me. I look forward to meeting the opponents who are a challenge to me,” says David Undertaker Dvorak.

However, this is not the first offer that David Dvorak received from the UFC. The organisation already approached him some time ago, however, David had to refuse. „A part of the offer was the condition to change weight class. But I know well my strengths and want to stay in the flyweight class,“ says Dvorak. He now has some compulsory medical examinations ahead of him, but foremost also training for the first fight to which all his concentration is directed. The fight is taking place already on March 14 in front of the Brazilian audience at the UFC Fight Night 170, leaving Dvorak with no more than a month for preparation. His opponent will be local Bruno Silva. However, David`s dreams are not over with joining the UFC. „In my class I want to become the best of the best,” concludes Dvorak.